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Coolant system:Radiator, water pump, heater control
Tires:New tires, balance and alignment
Front end works and ball joints, tie rods.
Front wheel drive axel service, CV Joints , rear differential work, and four wheel drive works.
Electrical: Alternator, starter, batteries, window switches, turn signal works and headlights works
Auto Glass: (Windsheild) Window tinting, window replacement
Shocks and struts

• Air Conditioning and Heating
• Alternator, Starter, Battery
• Brakes, Shocks, Struts
• Suspensions
• C.V. Boot Axles
• Clutch and Transmission Work
• All Electrical Work
• Check Engine Light
• Maintenance 30K, 60K, 90K
• Water Pump and Radiator
• Tune Ups – Oil Change
• Timing Belts and Chains
• Engine Rebuilt and Transmission Rebuilt
(3 years/100K guarantee)
• All work guaranteed
• Free pick up/delivery within 3 miles
• All jobs guaranteed
• Minimum 90 days warranty on parts and labor
(Dependent upon manufacturers guarantee)

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